More Elderly Opt to Increase Potency

Once the taboo to increase the potency the medical way is gone, more people wants help. An increasing number of older men are now choosing to boost their erections with pills.
 According to the MPA men aged 75-84 years, 20 percent more are using potentiating agents now, compared to four years ago.
 Specialist doctors confirms the picture and Sven-Axel Mansson, professor of social work at Malmo University, believes that the trend will continue upward. In an ongoing project he looking at libido of different ages. He sees an inreasing interest in male enhancement amongst older people as a natural part of a society where sex has become non taboo to speak of.
 -Studies show that there are clear expectations of a well functioning sex life even in the more senior periods of life, says Mansson.
 In earlier studies we did not even reconsider this age group. But then, the approach of sex changed to being a recognized importance for health and wellbeing. In the brain there with us all the stimulating and inhibiting factors that control sexual desire and performance. In combination with individual sexual experience, the potency is affected, says Mansson.
 A common approach is that a successfully intecourse contains penetratation. Therefore, potency-enhancing pills or injections are the rescue. The sight of one’s own erection can then greatly increase the desire for sex. The erection is linked to performance and ability.
 The perception of sex is so much more tolerant and affirming today than a few decades ago, which the professor think is very positive. But there is still a risk of perceived requirements that you have to have sex as far into old age as possible.
-Some can probably think “you can never just be left in peace”.